Incredible, that's the Nordhoff way

The Nordhoff Group is an international consultancy comprised of three divisions: Ventures, Media and Entertainment, and Management and Strategy Consulting.

Vast experience, extraordinary commitment

The Nordhoff Group team comprises of diverse, experienced and accomplished entrepreneurs, financiers, agents, attorneys, creative professionals and executives, each and everyone with a record of success and achievement, and a zeal for extraordinary commitment.

Bringing innovative ideas to life

By utilizing our Ventures, Media and Entertainment, and Management and Strategy Consulting divisions, we help not only bring out the best in ideas, but also to bring them to their full potential.

making business succeed

The Venture Division of Nordhoff Group is headed by former and current entrepreneurs and advises startup companies on pretty much all aspects of emerging company foundation and growth.

Our Venture Divistion gets involved in many ways: from crafting business plans and forming the business entity, to assembling the founding team, attracting investors and getting important deals to go through. We add immeasurable value at what we see as the most vital stage of a company’s development.

media & entertainment, together

The Nordhoff Group brings expertise in all aspects of create media conception, treatment, production, delivery and representation. Our Division of Media and Entertainment is regarded within the industry as a consistent source of innovation and vision.

With such a broad experience in realms such as film, stage, television, music, online media and social media, our trademark originality and vigour always distinguishes our Division of Median and Entertainment team from everyone else on the market.

In print media, Nordhoff Group authors and editors are renown for artistically crafting award-winning material ranging from objective journalism to raunchy humor and satire.

management & strategy

At Nordhoff Group, our Management and Strategy Consulting Division deeply understands the need to adapt proposed strategy solutions to specific context of every individual business.

At Nardhoff Group, instead of using cookie-cutter solutions, our team members use their skills and wide experience to solve challenges in a unique and tailor-made fashion on each and every project. Our clients see results that are quantifiable improvements in both cash flow and asset productivity.